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The Palace at Aigai

The 'tholos' of the palace
The 'oikos' of the palace
The 'andron' of the palace
The veranda of the palace

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The 'andron'
(men's apartments)
of the palace at Aigai
Aerial photograph of the palace at Aigai, second half of 4th century BC.

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The 'andron'
(men's apartments)
of the palace at Aigai

The greatest part of the west wing of the palace at Vergina consists of three square rooms of equal size opening onto the peristyle; these form the 'andron', the men's appartments in the palace. Their floors are composed of carefully-finished marble inlay surrounded by a slightly raised narrow mosaic border, on which most probably stood couches for banquets. The manner of roofing these very large rooms without using supporting props is very impressive and demonstrates the high degree of knowledge and level of technical expertise of the builders of the palace.

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