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The Palace at Aigai

The 'tholos' of the palace
The 'oikos' of the palace
The 'andron' of the palace
The veranda of the palace

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The mosaic of the 'Oikos'
Female figure from the mosaic floor of room E in the 'oikos' (private apartments) of the palace at Aigai, second half of 4th century BC, Vergina.

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The mosaic of the 'Oikos'
Second half of 4th century BC

The 'oikos', an impressive succession of rooms which constitute the "royal suite", stands out in the south wing of the palace at Vergina. The central chamber opens onto the peristyle and leads to the 'andron' (men's apartments), which is suitable for banquets.

These private apartments were decorated with admirable mosaics, only one of which has survived. It is a composition of plants and other decorative motifs radiating from a central flower, and intertwined with symmetric grace.

In the corners of the mosaic four female figures are depicted, each carrying a basket on her head. The mosaic is composed of river pebbles in many varying shades of black, white, grey, red and yellow.

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