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The Palace at Aigai

The 'tholos' of the palace
The 'oikos' of the palace
The 'andron' of the palace
The veranda of the palace

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The 'Tholos' of the
palace at Aigai
Aerial photograph of the palace at Vergina, second half of 4th century BC.

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The 'Tholos' of the
palace at Aigai

Second half of 4th century BC

The most significant part of the palace at Vergina was the 'Tholos', a circular chamber circumscribed by a square, in the east wing of the building.

The 'Tholos' was used as shrine; by extention, it may be regarded as the "Throne Room", since we know that the Macedonian kings held also the position of high-priest.

Its ceremonial character is confirmed by a valuable inscription found in it; it read "Heraklei Patroioi" (to Herakles Patroos), and referred to Herakles, mythical progenitor of the Argead dynasty.

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