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Literature in the 20th century

Literature after the liberation of 1913
Literature after the second World War

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The 'Macedonian Days' company
Black-and-white photograph of the company of young writers who published the periodical 'Macedonian Days', 1932-1939, Thessaloniki, G. Vafopoulos archive.

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The region's first important literary generation emerged from the pages of the magazine "Macedonian Days" (1932-39) and consisted of prose writers and poets who came of age as the multi-cultural Thessaloniki was vanishing and the Greek city was being born. If the liberation of 1913 formed the main milestone for this first generation, the Second World War and the Greek Civil War that followed it would leave their imprint on the second.

The 'Macedonian Days' company
G. Vafopoulos archive, 1932-1939

Several literary journals played a decisive role in the city's intellectual life. In addition to the "Macedonian Days", others worth noting are the "Snail" (1945-48), the student journal "The Start" (February-November 1944), the journals "Criticism" (1959-61), "Diagonal" (1958-83), "Tram" (1971-72, 1976-79, 1983) and, more recently, the "Hangout" (1987-).

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