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Art in contemporary Macedonia

The "Techni" cultural society
Painting in contemporary Macedonia
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Cinema in contemporary Macedonia

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The White Tower
Early 20th century picture postcard with the White Tower, 1900-1920, Thessaloniki, G. Megas archive.

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The White Tower
G. Megas archive, 1900-1920

Despite fundamental gaps in its infrastructure (the city's School of Fine Arts was not founded until 1989), painting -- first taken up in the 1930s -- was truly flourishing by the post-war era. The cinema is now a powerful presence in the city (in the form of the annual Thessaloniki Film Festival), while the founding, in 1961, of the first permanent theater in the region put a stamp on its theatrical life. Another decisive factor in the cultural development of Thessaloniki, as well as of northern Greece as a whole, was the multifaceted dynamic activity of "Techni" (Art), a cultural society.

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