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The Psyllakis family
Black-and-white photograph of the Psyllakis family, pioneers in the cinema world, in front of the 'Rex' in Thessaloniki, 1951.

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The Psyllakis family
Thessaloniki, 1951

The first motion picture to be shown in Thessaloniki, in a cafe-beer hall in 1897, caused a sensation. Half a century later, the Thessaloniki Film Festival, the only one of its kind in Greece, became famous for its sensational, if not always favorable, carryings-on by spectators and cinema personalities. It began as a "Week of Greek Cinema" in 1960, singling out Nikos Koundouros and T. Kanellopoulos for awards.

During the difficult years of political unrest that followed, the Festival, supported by both the public and the film-makers and thanks to the vitality of such people as Pavlos Zannas, managed to become an institution, recently extending its range to the international cinema. On its screens, such films as Alexandrakis' "Dream Neighbourhood", Damianos' "Evdokia", and Angelopoulos' "The Troupe" made history.

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