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Painting in contemporary Macedonia

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Pedlars in the poorer districts of Thessaloniki
'Thessaloniki then... pedlars in the poorer districts', painting by the folk artist Sotiris Zisis, 1920-1960, Thessaloniki, Zisis family collection.

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Pedlars in the poorer districts of Thessaloniki
Sotiris Zisis, 1920-1960

Until after the First World War, apart from folk art and icon painting, activity in the visual arts consisted primarily of sporadic exhibitions, Papaloukas' show in 1924 being one of the most important. Immediately afterwards, the work of the first generation of local painters bore the imprint of Byzantine tradition and the landscape of Thessaloniki.

The generation of the 60s, revitalized by the creative atmosphere fostered by the School of Philosophy at the University, the Polytechneio (Architecture and Engineering School) and "Techni", is distinguished by a variety of styles, most notably abstract painting of exceptional, often pioneering, quality.

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