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'Techni' publications
A selection of books produced by 'Techni', 1951-1994, Thessaloniki, Macedonian Art Society 'Techni'.

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'Techni' publications

Spearheaded by M. Saltiel and Linos Politis, but having the support of virtually all the artists and writers of Thessaloniki, "Techni", the oldest cultural association in northern Greece, was founded in 1951.

The driving force behind the creation of the School of Fine Arts, the Symphony Orchestra, the State Theater and the Thessaloniki Film Festival, "Techni" has organized countless exhibitions, concerts, performances, seminars and lectures.

It also maintains music and photography workshops, a theater library and a notable engraving collection. Other landmarks in its history were the founding of the Cinema Club (1955) and the Experimental Theater (1979), the second permanent theater in modern-day Thessaloniki.

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