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Expatriate Macedonians and education (16th-19th century)

Macedonian emigrants in Vienna

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Ioannis Papaphis
Black-and-white photograph of Ioannis Papaphis (1792-1886), founder of the Papapheion Orphanage in Thessaloniki, Athens, Gennadeios Library.

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Ioannis Papaphis

The Macedonians of the diaspora held a special place in the Hellenism of Greek communities in Europe; more numerous than the other Greeks, they were often more affluent, exercising an important role in the economic, political and cultural history of their adopted countries and acquiring illustrious reputations throughout the Greek world.

The largest center of the diaspora of Macedonian Hellenism was Vienna. Activities by Greeks in the field of education peaked in the 19th century and spread all over the Balkans. Among the most prominent were I. N. Papafis of Thessaloniki, a resident of Malta; the Doumbas family in Vienna, responsible for the upkeep of the community schools at Blatsi; I. Trabantzis of Siatista in Romania, patron of the Trabantzeion high school; Euf. Popovits of Kozani, a teacher and journalist in Vienna and Pest; N. Vikellas, an entrepreneur in Budapest and superintendant of the Greek school there; and K. Bellios, one of the founders of the Archaeological Society in Athens and donor of scholarships for Macedonians abroad.

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