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Expatriate Macedonians and education (16th-19th century)

Macedonian emigrants in Vienna

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Cover of the 'Newspaper'
Cover of the 'Newspaper' published in Vienna by the Markidai-Pouliou brothers from Siatista, 1792, Athens, Gennadeios Library.

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Cover of the 'Newspaper'

Greek emigrants in Vienna printed a host of books (grammar manuals, readers, dictionaries, hymnals, works on astronomy, geography, geometry, natural history and the like), mostly by Macedonian writers, to be used in schools both in Greece and in communities abroad. The majority of these schools were founded with funds donated by people of Greek descent, such as M. Kastorianos, a furrier in Constantinople; G. Kyritsis, a count in Hungaro-Wallachia; I. Kottounios of Veroia, a professor at the University of Padua, and others. Also printed in Vienna were the "Newspaper", the first essentially Greek newspaper, published by the Markidai Pouliou brothers from Siatista between 1790 and 1797, and Ath. Stageiritis' journal "Kalliope" (1819-1821).

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