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Intellectual activity in the 19th century

Education in the 19th century
The scholars in the 19th century
The Press in the 19th century

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Petros Papageorgiou
Black-and-white photograph of Petros Papageorgiou (1859-1914), one of the most important educators in Macedonia in the second half of the 19th cent., Athens, Gennadeios Library.

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Petros Papageorgiou

The separation between the roles of scholar, cleric and teacher, which had begun in the 18th century, became complete in the 19th, characteristic examples being Christopoulos, Popovits and Minoidis.

A new, very important category of scholars emerged: the 'pedagogues' (education experts), while the movement of scholars intensified on both sides of the Greek-Turkish border. Thanks to the efforts of personalities known throughout the Hellenic world, such as P. Papageorgiou, N. Kasomoulis, a general in the Macedonian Struggle, and A. Polyzoidis, presiding judge at the court martial of Kolokotronis (a hero of the Greek War of Independence of 1821), the Hellenism of north and south was becoming intellectually integrated.

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