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Intellectual activity in the 18th century

Education in the 18th century
The scholars of the 18th century

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Cover of the 'Newspaper'
Cover of the 'Newspaper' published in Vienna by the Markidai-Pouliou brothers from Siatista, 1792, Athens, Gennadeios Library.

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Cover of the 'Newspaper'

Many Macedonians emigrated abroad in order to study and many of them chose to pursue their careers there, as was the case of G. Zaviras of Siatista, who became a merchant scholar in Budapest.

At the same time, however, several leading men of letters came to Macedonia to teach, such as M. Anthrakitis who went to Kastoria and Evgenios Voulgaris who taught in Kozani and on Mount Athos.

Under the influence of the Enlightenment, the teachers' position changed radically: their salaries, which in this century were set for the first time, underwent a considerable rise, while scholars began to emerge who were neither clerics nor professors, such as the physicians G. Sakellarios and M. Perdikaris.

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