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Intellectual activity in the 18th century

Education in the 18th century
The scholars of the 18th century

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Kosmas Aitolos
Wall-painting of Kosmas Aitolos (1714-1779), national martyr and missionary, who was active in Macedonia, 1800-1880, Athens, little church of Aixoni of Glyfada.

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Kosmas Aitolos

Whatever we know about the state of education in Macedonia up to the 18th century relates mainly to Thessaloniki, Kastoria and Kozani and seems to consist of sporadic and uncoordinated efforts. With the emergence of the bourgeoisie in the 18th century, interest in education increased and schools were founded in several regions, in which important scholars of the times, such as Athanasios Parios, taught.

The "common" schools, supported by the Church, proliferated throughout Macedonia, while many more advanced schools were also opened, thanks to the activities of wealthy individuals. Also, in many cases, the schools were financed by Macedonian emigrants.

For the first time, there was an obvious intense interest in education. The lack, however, of general, standardized operating methods brought about serious inequalities: what made a school good and well run was entirely a function of its principal's personality.

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