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Intellectual activity in the 17th century

Education in the 17th century
The scholars of the 17th century

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Ioannis Kottounios
Portrait of Ioannis Kottounios (1572-1657), the scholar from Veroia, from his first book (published in 1628).

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Ioannis Kottounios

With the end of the 16th century, education took on a more general character for the first time. In 1593, the Patriarch Jeremiah II issued a synodal order exhorting the communities to found schools throughout the occupied territories, as well as to secure teachers and scholarships for students.

This initiative, in combination with the activities of rich expatriate Greeks that had begun to be evident around this time, started to show results by the middle of the 17th century and afterwards, but the overall level of education remained, throughout this century, too, rather low.

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