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Intellectual activity in the 17th century

Education in the 17th century
The scholars of the 17th century

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Ioannis Kottounios
Portrait of Ioannis Kottounios (1572-1657), the scholar from Veroia, from his first book (published in 1628).

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Ioannis Kottounios

The phenomenon of the exodus of scholars that occurred after the Ottoman conquest continued undiminished into the 17th century. Intellectuals such as I. Kottounios and M. Kritopoulos of Veroia and Anastasios Michail of Naousa emigrated to Constantinople and abroad, where they distinguished themselves, acquiring a reputation throughout Greece and sometimes throughout Europe.

At the same time, however, in this century we also have the first examples of another phenomenon that would later assume very important dimensions: many Macedonian scholars, such as Manios from Veroia, Kontaris from Servia and Parakeimenos from Kozani, chose to return and work in the land of their birth after completing their studies, most of them becoming principals of local schools.

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