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Intellectual activity in the 17th century

Education in the 17th century
The scholars of the 17th century

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Miniature of Aristotle in an illuminated manuscript from Kastoria, 1575, Athens, National Library.

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Kastoria, 1575

Many religious and community authorities began during this time to devote themselves to the founding and running of schools that offered more than the teaching of the ABCs in the churches and monasteries, with donations and bequests by wealthy Greeks.

The oldest was founded by synodal encyclical in Kastoria before 1614, while from the mid-17th century onwards schools are mentioned as existing in Velesa, Yiannitsa, Servia, Serres, Veroia, and Thessaloniki (the Greek School).

The teaching programs were enriched with new lessons, but the basis was still Ancient Greek. The teaching method followed (the so-called re-creational) consisted of sterile rote learning and the scholastic comparison of synonyms.

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