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Learning after the fall of Thessaloniki (1430)

The Greek schools in Italy (16th century)

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The school
Part of a portable icon of Saint Nicholas in which a child is portrayed at school, mid-15th century, monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos, Patmos.

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The school
Mid-15th century

The lack of information about the first two centuries of Turkish rule makes difficult a full investigation into the state of education during that time. Many of the distinguished men of letters, such as Kamariotis, Gazis and Damaskinos Stouditis emigrated, while teachers from elsewhere in Greece turned up from time to time in Thessaloniki: in 1490 the community invited Ioannis Moschos from Corfu to undertake the instruction of its youth, while in the 16th century scholars such as Matthaios the Cretan and Georgios the Athenian taught privately.

The little elementary tuition that survived after the Ottoman conquest, the legendary "secret schools", operated in church parishes and dependencies of monasteries, but did not provide a systematic education.

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