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Late period of Ottoman rule (1700-1913)

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The Monasteries
of Mount Athos
Engraving with the monasteries of Mount Athos, 1889, Athens, National Gallery.

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The Monasteries
of Mount Athos

Engraving, 1889

Orthodox engravings -- images stamped on paper or cloth by means of a bronze plate on which the subject has been engraved -- made their appearance in the 17th century, and found their fullest expression in the 19th century engravings of Mount Athos.

Engraving was first practised on Athos in the late 18th century, and flourished in the 19th century, when there were four workshops at Karyes. The engravings depicted holy persons, religious scenes and views of monasteries, and were in great demand by those who could not afford to buy portable icons, taking their place on the household icon stand.

Engravings were also given as souvenirs to pilgrims who visited the monasteries. The engravings of Mount Athos played an important role in the formation of the art of icon painting in 19th century Macedonia.

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