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Early period of Ottoman rule (1430-1700)

16th century wall-paintings
17th century wall-paintings
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The Crucifixion, Great Lavra Monastery
Wall-painting with the Crucifixion, by the Cretan painter Theophanis Strelitzas Bathas, 1535, Mount Athos, Monastery of the Great Lavra.

Saint Demetrios as 'Grand Duke Apokafkos'
Wall-painting with saint Demetrios as 'Grand Duke Apokafkos', 1570, Palatitsia, church of Agios Demetrios.

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The Crucifixion, Great Lavra Monastery

Saint Demetrios as 'Grand Duke Apokafkos'

The early decades of the 16th century were a period of artistic decline in Macedonia, in strong contrast with the great flowering of painting that was to follow. In 1535 the Cretan painter Theophanis decorated the katholikon of the Great Lavra on Mount Athos and went on to work on other monasteries, either alone or assisted by colleagues. His presence was to have a decisive influence on painting in mainland Greece.

Another artist invited to Mount Athos was Frangos Katelanos of Thebes, an outstanding painter and a representative of the Theban school, which differed from the Cretan school. The practice of inviting painters from outside was not confined to Mount Athos: Eustathios of Arta, Onouphrios of Verati and Frangos Katelanos (or possibly another painter of his circle) were all invited to Kastoria.

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