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Early period of Ottoman rule (1430-1700)

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Decoration in
the Bey Hamam baths
The Bey Hamam, the first bath-house in Thessaloniki, was built by Murad II and operated until the middle of the 20th century, as the 'Paradeisos' baths, 1444, Thessaloniki.

View of Kavala from the sea
Lithograph with a view of the town of Kavala from the sea, 19th cent.

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Decoration in
the Bey Hamam baths

Thessaloniki, 1444

View of Kavala from the sea

The 15th and 16th centuries are known as the classical period of Ottoman architecture. Settlements were founded in Macedonia that were purely Muslim in character, such as the sacred city of Yenice (present-day Yannitsa) and the village Yeni Pazar (present-day Apollonia).

Urban centres held by the Turks, like Thessaloniki and Serres, were endowed by the sultans and the officials of the Sublime Porte with religious and public buildings such as mosques, Dervish monasteries, poor-houses, baths and covered markets.

The fortifications of Thessaloniki were strengthened with new strong-points adapted to artillery warfare (e.g. White Tower, Trigonion Tower, Vardari Fort). Thermal healing springs were also exploited by the erection of bath-houses at these spas (e.g. Langadas, Nea Apollonia).

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