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Sculpture, pottery and minor arts (1204-1430)

Sculpture (1274-1317)
Woodcarved icons
Ecclesiastical gold-embroidery

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Woodcarved icon
Woodcarved double-sided icon with representation of Saint George, 15th century, Athens, Byzantine Museum.

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Woodcarved icon
15th century

As in other artistic fields, Thessalonike was the reference point for sculpture, pottery and the minor arts in Late Byzantine times. The production centre of a group of sculptures found in Macedonia and Thessaly was located here, as well as the gold-thread embroidery atelier in which works of unrivalled quality were created.

The city's ceramics reached as far as the Black Sea and Venice, traded by the maritime cities of northern Italy. The mint of Thessalonike experienced a new floruit, the innovative subjects on its issues influencing the coinage of neighbouring rulers.

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