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Embroidered 'aer-epitaphios'
Liturgical piece of cloth ('aer-epitaphios') in gold-thread embroidery, early 14th century, Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Civilization.

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Embroidered 'aer-epitaphios'

Preserved in the monasteries of Mount Athos, in Chalkidike and Thessalonike are some pieces of ecclesiastical gold-thread embroidery, an art demanding exceptional patience and skill. The surviving gold-thread embroideries date from the 14th century.

The most famous of all is the -"Epitaphios- (Christ on the bier) of Thessalonike", a liturgical piece of cloth or 'aer-epitaphios', which has been compared with monumental paintings. Dated to around 1300, it is believed to have been created in an atelier of this city, to which some other liturgical textiles in Athonite monasteries have also been attributed.

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