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Sculpture, pottery and minor arts (1204-1430)

Sculpture (1274-1317)
Woodcarved icons
Ecclesiastical gold-embroidery

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Relief slab of a sarcophagus
Slab of a sarcophagus with relief crosses, columns and arches, 10th cent., Thessaloniki, Exhibition of Christian Antiquities in the White Tower.

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Relief slab of a sarcophagus
10th century

Between 1274 and 1317 a series of architectural sculptures, liturgical furniture (pulpits, icon stands) and funerary monuments (sarcophagi) in Thessaly, Ochrid, Beroia, Thessalonike and on Mount Athos were executed in the same technique of bas-relief, in which the background was filled with a coloured mixture of wax and mastic. The decorative themes of these carvings are of Islamic inspiration. Thessalonike has been proposed as the production centre.

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