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Enclosure slab, engraved on both sides
Enclosure slab with a relief scene of a lion tearing apart a deer, 10th cent., Thessaloniki, Exhibition of Christian Antiquities in the White Tower.

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Enclosure slab, engraved on both sides
10th century

A large number of relief sarcophagi and tomb stones of the Middle Byzantine period have been found in Macedonia (e.g. in Thessalonike, Serrhai, Beroia, Prespes, and on Mount Athos). Represented on these are crosses, holy or human figures, subjects from the animal and plant kingdoms, as well as geometric motifs.

The abundance of funerary monuments of this kind in Macedonia, compared with the rest of Greece, is indicative of the social stratification in this region, for they are associated with the burials of dignitaries and prelates.

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