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Sculpture and metalwork (867-1204)

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Enclosure slab, engraved on both sides
Enclosure slab from the church of Agia Ekaterini in Thessaloniki with a scene of Digenis Akritas wrestling with a lion, 12th-13th cent., Thessaloniki, Exhibition of Christian Antiquities in the White Tower.

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Enclosure slab, engraved on both sides
12th-13th century

In the Middle Byzantine period architectural sculpture was limited to column capitals and the iconostasis. The thematic repertoire is dominated by the symbol of the cross framed by geometric and floral motifs.

One category of sculpture, many examples of which are from Thessalonike, are reliefs with representations of animals, birds and mythical creatures, such as griffins. Human figures are rare, as on the panel from the church of Ayia Aikaterini in Thessalonike, depicting Digenes struggling with the lion (12th to 13th century).

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