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Sculpture, pottery and metalwork in Byzantium

Sculpture, metalwork and pottery (324-565)
Coinage and pottery (565-867)
Sculpture and metalwork (867-1204)
Sculpture, pottery and minor arts (1204-1430)

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Coin of Nikephoros I
Gold coin of the emperor Nikephoros I, 802-811, Athens, Numismatic Museum.

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Coin of Nikephoros I

Few artifacts have survived from the turbulent dark ages, mainly coins and vases. The coins, Thessalonikan issues primarily, come from hoards and are important for the history of the city's mint, whose operation ceased temporarily in the mid-7th century.

The intact vases come from the galleries of the church of Ayia Sophia in Thessalonike, where they had been used as filling material in the construction of the vaults. These are amphoras of the second half of the 7th century, the large number of which proves the existence of a local workshop producing vases for transportation.

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