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Sculpture, metalwork and pottery (324-565)

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Early Christian oil lamp
Oil lamp with relief decoration from an Early Christian basilica atToroni, 5th century, Ouranoupoli, Christian Museum.

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Early Christian oil lamp

In Early Christian times Macedonia had many marble quarries and workshops producing architectural sculptures, covering not only local needs but also engaged in export (Thasos quarry).

It is clear from excavations that there was also intensive exploitation of mines and metalworking activity, to produce both weaponry and toreutic works. It is known that one of the four workshops producing weapons in the Illyricum operated in Thessalonike and that there was a coppersmiths' quarter, the 'Chalkeon', in the city.

Pottery workshops have been discovered all over Macedonia. In Thessalonike they have been located outside the west wall, an area known, according to Book II of the "Miracles of Saint Demetrios", as 'Keramisios Kampos' (pottery field), precisely because potters worked there.

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