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Sculpture, metalwork and pottery (324-565)

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Early Christian oil lamp
Oil lamp with relief decoration from an Early Christian basilica atToroni, 5th century, Ouranoupoli, Christian Museum.

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Early Christian oil lamp

The Early Christian pottery of Macedonia is no different from that in other parts of the Empire, being the continuation of Roman pottery in shapes, manufacture and decoration. It mainly includes vessels for transportation and storage, cooking pots and tableware. Oil lamps, the basic means of providing light, as well as moulds for their production were also made of clay.

A special class of vases for funerary use ('unguentaria') have been recovered from cemetery excavations. In graves in Thessalonike glass vases have also been found as grave goods, a practice that continued here up to the 5th century, whereas in Italy it had ceased at the end of the 4th.

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