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Sculpture, metalwork and pottery (324-565)

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Early Christian pulpit
Part of the pulpit of the Rotunda, decorated with relief compositions from the New Testament, mid-5th century, Istanbul, Archaeological Museum.

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Early Christian pulpit
Mid-5th century

Two statuettes of the Good Shepherd have been found in Thessalonike, rare works of sculpture in the round in Early Christian art. The Good Shepherd, morphological survival of the ancient 'Kriophoros' (Ram-bearer), symbolizes Christ and was thus invested with soteriological meaning. It was placed in cemeteries as a grave marker, or according to others, in baptistries.

The category of liturgical furniture includes pulpits, several of which are preserved in Macedonia. The most characteristic type is the monolithic pulpit with straight stairway leading to a small balcony.

The fan-shaped pulpit in the Rotunda , the main section of which is now in Constantinople, is a development of the monolithic type; its relief decoration with the Adoration of the Magi is unique.

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