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Painting (1204-1430)

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Scenes from the life of Saint Demetrios
Manuscript illuminated with miniatures representing scenes from the life of Saint Demetrios, early 14th century, Oxford, Bodleian Library.

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Scenes from the life of Saint Demetrios
Early 14th century

The miniatures in the manuscripts embody the aesthetic concepts prevailing in monumental painting. The only known codex of Thessalonikan provenance is that in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Ms. Gr. th. f.1), commissioned by Demetrios Palaeologos, son of the emperor Andronikos II. This is the first "pocket book" and contains only pictures, no text. Scriptoria are known to have operated on Mount Athos in the 13th and mainly after the mid-14th century; one of them was based on the monastery of Chelandari.

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