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Painting (1204-1430)

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The prayer of Christ
Wall-painting depicting Christ at prayer, by Michael Astrapas and Eutychios, 1295, Ochrid, Peribleptos church.

The Baptism
Wall-painting of the Baptism by the painter Manuel Panselinos, circa 1300, the Protaton church, Mount Athos.

The Presentation of the Virgin
Wall-painting depicting the Presentation of the Virgin, 1318-1320, in the Katholikon of Chelandari Monastery, Mount Athos.

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The prayer of Christ

The Baptism
Circa 1300

The Presentation of the Virgin

The wall-paintings of the Acheiropoietos (first or second quarter of 13th century) feature the first signs of the "Macedonian" painting style which was to reach its full expression in the Protaton wall-paintings of 1290, work of the legendary Manuel Panselinos, and the decoration of the Peribleptos at Ochrid (1295). It was subsequently expressed without the excesses of the previous period in a series of monuments on Mount Athos and in Thessalonike, Beroia and Serbia.

After 1330 the painters were primarily interested in enriching the iconographic programme. In north-west Macedonia (e.g. in Kastoria and Ochrid) the local workshops tended to resort to earlier models. The wall-paintings in the church of Prophitis Elias in Thessalonike (1360-1380), one of the last highlights of Palaeologan painting, were to influence the painting of the so-called "Morava School" in Serbia.

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