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Architecture in Byzantium

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The katholikon of Great Lavra Monastery
Exterior view of the katholikon of Great Lavra Monastery, founded in 963, Mount Athos, Great Lavra Monastery.

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The katholikon of Great Lavra Monastery
Founded in 963

Virtually all the types and variations of ecclesiastical architecture created in the Byzantine period are found in Macedonia. In Early Christian times types of churches unique in Greece were built, while a new architectural type was conceived on Mount Athos around 1000.

In its main features ecclesiastical architecture in Macedonia follows that of Constantinople. The civic and domestic buildings of the ancient cities that became Early Christian centres (e.g. Amphipolis, Philippi, Thessalonike) reveal their town- plan and their transition from the pagan to the Christian world. Aspects of secular architecture are provided by the numerous fortifications, monastery towers and public works surviving in the cities and the countryside.

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