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Architecture (1204-1430)

Fortifications - Industrial buildings

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The castle of Platamonas
View of the castle of Platamonas,13th century, Platamonas.

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The castle of Platamonas

The turbulent history of this period is reflected in its architecture. The conquest by the Franks of a large part of Macedonia, including Thessalonike (1204-1224), did not affect the church types, as was the case in southern Greece, but did have some impact on the fortifications (e.g. castle of Platamonas).

In contrast, the subjugation of the region to the despotate of Epirus influenced the architecture of western and northern Macedonia.

In architectural types and vault structure Thessalonike maintained close ties with Constantinople, though there were differences in the manner of building, and influenced church building in the hinterland by disseminating the Constantinopolitan types.

Definitive too was its role in the development of Serbian architecture in the 14th century.

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