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Architecture (867-1204)

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The church of Agios Achilleios in lake Small Prespa
View of the triple-aisled basilica church of Agios Achilleios, circa 1000, Agios Achilleios Island, Little Prespa.

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The church of Agios Achilleios in lake Small Prespa

Some early churches in the rural parts of Macedonia, in all probability Episcopal (e.g. church at Pydna, 10th century), were built as cruciform with dome, after the model of Ayia Sophia in Thessalonike.

In provincial metropolitan churches (e.g. Ayios Achilleios, Prespes, 10th century) the simpler building type of the Middle Byzantine basilica was used, in order to accommodate large congregations. At Kastoria barrel-vaulted basilicas with extremely elevated central aisle (e.g. Ayioi Anargyroi) were predominant, though triconch churches also occurred (e.g. Panayia Koumbelidiki).

In Thessalonike the Panayia Chalkeon (1028), domed cruciform sepulchral church of 'protospatharios' Christophoros, displays affinity with churches of Constantinople (e.g. Myrelaiou Monastery) both in plan and construction. The "island" type octagonal church of the Metamorphosis (Transfiguration) at Chortiatis (11th-12th century) also belongs to the school of Constantinople.

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