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Architecture (565-867)


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The metropolitan church
of Agia Sophia in Thessaloniki
Exterior view of the metropolitan church of Agia Sophia, 7th century, Thessaloniki.

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From the mid-6th till the late 9th century building activity in the region of Macedonia was suspended because of the Avar and Slav incursions and the complex internal crisis of the Empire. Furthermore, in the 7th century the regions of Thessalonike, Philippi and Thasos suffered catastrophic earthquakes. Only two churches of this troubled period have survived in Macedonia.

The metropolitan church
of Agia Sophia in Thessaloniki

7th century

Around the middle of the 7th century a magnificent metropolis (cathedral) dedicated to the Wisdom of God (Ayia Sophia) was built in Thessalonike on the site of an earlier, destroyed church. In the vicinity of the same city the monastery at Peristera was founded by Saint Euthymios the Younger.

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