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Architecture (324-565)

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The church of the Acheiropoietos in Thessaloniki
View of the interior of the basilica of the Acheiropoietos, first half of 5th century, Thessaloniki.

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Some of the earliest monuments of Christian architecture have survived in Macedonia. For instance, the oldest Christian place of worship in the eastern Mediterranean, dedicated to Apostle Paul and dated to 313, has been discovered at Philippi, where the first Christian community in Europe was established.

The church of the Acheiropoietos in Thessaloniki
First half of 5th century

The dominant type in church architecture at the time, the "Hellenistic" basilica, is represented in Macedonia by some of the earliest examples ('-Extra Muros-' basilica at Philippi) and also by some of the most splendid ones (Acheiropoietos and Ayios Demetrios in Thessalonike).

On account of Macedonia's outstanding strategic importance for the Byzantine Empire its cities grew and were fortified with mighty walls. The high level of urban organisation is attested by the houses, public buildings and infrastructure works revealed in excavations.

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