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Architecture (324-565)

Public and industrial buildings

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Early Christian oil lamp
Oil lamp with relief decoration from an Early Christian basilica atToroni, 5th century, Ouranoupoli, Christian Museum.

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Early Christian oil lamp

In general outline the Early Christian houses brought to light in the cities of Macedonia (Thessalonike, Stoboi, Philippi) kept the plan of earlier Hellenistic and Roman domestic buildings. The rooms -- outstanding among them the 'triclinium', the formal chamber of the house -- auxiliary areas and storerooms were arranged around a courtyard, frequently columned (peristyle).

The wealthier houses had mosaic or inlaid marble floors and mural decorations. The country dwellings were simpler structures (e.g. Terpyllou, Kilkis) with stone-paved or beaten-earth floors, and also included farm facilities. Of special interest are the rural houses in the settlement of Herakleia Lynkestis, which were built of river pebbles and mud.

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