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Architecture (324-565)

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The basilica of Agios Demetrios in Thessaloniki
Exterior view of the basilica of Agios Demetrios, 5th century, Thessaloniki.

The octagonal church of Philippi
View of the octagonal church of Philippi, mid-5th century, Philippi.

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The basilica of Agios Demetrios in Thessaloniki

The octagonal church of Philippi

Most of the churches of the Early Christian period are of the "Hellenistic" basilica type, the principal features of which are emphasis of the longitudinal axis, the two-storey colonnades dividing the interior into aisles, the semicircular apse on the east, the narthex, the galleries and the timber roof.

Variations are encountered either with a transept (e.g. Ayios Demetrios, Thessalonike) or with a triconch in the east section (e.g. basilica at Ayia Paraskevi, Kozani). Examples of the rarer circular buildings (whose principal feature is the dome) include the Rotunda in Thessalonike and a church at Amphipolis.

Unique in Greece are the Octagon and the domed basilica at Philippi, and also the triconch church at Akrini, Kozani. The cruciform basilica, the symbolic type -par excellence-, is represented by one church on Thasos and the katholikon of the Latomou Monastery in Thessalonike.

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