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Tetradrachm depicting Zeus
Head of Zeus depicted on the obverse of a silver tetradrachm of Philip, 360-336 BC, Athens, Numismatic Museum.

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Tetradrachm depicting Zeus
360-336 BC

The main divinity of the Macedonians was Olympian Zeus, incarnation of royal authority, and father of the gods and of mankind, in particular of Makedon, mythical progenitor of the Macedonian people.

Zeus was worshipped everywhere, but the most illustrious center of his cult was the Macedonians' sacred city of Dion at the foothills of Mount Olympus. There the Olympia, a religious festival, were held every October, in the Macedonian month Dios (whose name derives from the name Zeus).

The Olympia lasted nine days, and were held in honour of Zeus and his nine daughters, the Muses. At this great festival the Macedonians foregathered for one of the two annual assemblies of the 'ethnos'.

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