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Mosaics in Antiquity

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The mosaics of Thessalonike and Dion

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Ariadne in Naxos
Extensive mosaic composition showing Ariadne in Naxos from a private house in Thessalonike, first half of 3rd century AD, Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum.

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Ariadne in Naxos
Thessaloniki, first half of 3rd century AD

In Thessalonike and Dion remarkable groups of mosaics have been found probably dating to the Roman period. They are composed of multicolored tesserae and attest a high level of expertise and experience on the part of the mosaic-setters.

In one house of Thessalonike a mosaic was found with a multi-figured composition; the subject is from Dionysiac mythology and represents Ariadne and Dionysos in Naxos. Other groups of mosaics in the same city include busts of male and female figures related to the mythology of the sea, as well as a depiction of a chariot which was probably part of a subject relating to the races.

At Dion, the religious center of Macedonia, mosaic floors with Dionysiac subjects were also found. The most striking one decorates the floor of a large banqueting hall and depicts the triumphal "Epiphany" of Dionysos. One interesting aspect of this mosaic is the combination of Dionysiac elements with subjects pertaining to the sea, such as maritime demons.

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