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Mosaics in Antiquity

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The mosaics of Thessalonike and Dion

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Bellerophon, riding Pegasus, slays the Chimaira, mosaic floor of a house, 432-348 BC, Olynthos.

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Olynthos, 432-348 BC

The mosaic floors discovered in private houses of Olynthos(C17), capital of the Chalkidian League from 432 BC, are among the oldest Macedonian mosaics.

These works date to the period 432-348 BC and represent an early stage in the evolution of mosaics. They are composed of river pebbles, spaced out on the underlayer so that the mortar is largely visible.

The mosaic floors of Olynthos have representative mythological subjects. The figures stand out in pale colors on a dark background. This feature recalls the impression rendered by red-figure vase painting (red figures on black background), of weaving, and even of relief.

The compositions are characterized by their severely geometric symmetry and the harmonious combination of their subjects.

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