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The post-war period

The Macedonian Question

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Post-war Thessaloniki
View of Thessaloniki, the largest urban, cultural and industrial centre in northern Greece in the post-war period.

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Post-war Thessaloniki

Greece entered last the post-war period in 1950 and joined NATO in 1951. Thanks to its rapid economic development, mainly in the period from 1953 to 1967, the country became a full member of the European Economic Community in 1981. Greece's accession to the EEC was the achievement of the Macedonian statesman Constantine Karamanlis.

The development of Greek-Macedonia's enormous potential played an important role in the improvement of Greece's economic prospects and consequently in its integration in the EEC.

At the same time, and until 1989-90, the Macedonian Question passed through a phase of detente, which facilitated the development of northern Greece.

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