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HistoryContemporary MacedoniaThe inter-war period (1923-1940)

The inter-war period (1923-1940)

The economy in the inter-war period
The Macedonian Question in the inter-war period

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Map of the southern Balkans
The new borders in the southern Balkans after the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

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Map of the southern Balkans

The inter-war period began later for Greece than for the rest of Europe, because of the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-22. After the Asia Minor Disaster the country was no longer oriented towards the acquisition of new territory; rather, it aimed at economic development and the protection of its territorial integrity (particularly of its lands in Macedonia and Thrace, which were claimed by neighboring countries).

In this period great progress was made towards modernizing the economy and social institutions throughout the country, particularly in Macedonia. Nevertheless, the continued uncertainty over the Macedonian Question tended to undermine regional stability.

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