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The Macedonian Question in the inter-war period

The Macedonian Question (1923-1928)
The Macedonian Question (1928-1941)

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The "dragon's teeth" at Beles-Nestos
Black-and-white photograph of the anti-tank defences at Beles-Nestos, part of the 'Metaxas line', 1938-1941, Athens, War Museum.

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The pressures against Greek-Macedonia were eased after the restoration of the country's international prestige, during Venizelos last premiership (1928-32). Venizelos managed to block the Yugoslav claims and conclude a treaty with Belgrade which did not call into question Greece's sovereignty over its Macedonian territory (March 1929).

The "dragon's teeth" at Beles-Nestos
Athens, War Museum, 1938-1941

Greece's rapprochement with Turkey in 1928-30, the Greek-Turkish alliance agreements of 1933 and 1938, and the country's participation in the 1934 Balkan Pact, all aimed at blocking Bulgarian expansionism, which would inevitably be directed towards Macedonia and western Thrace. The same aim lay behind the building on the border between Greece and Bulgaria of the defensive Metaxas line at the end of the 1930s.

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