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HistoryModern MacedoniaThe period from 1870 to 1913Political developments (1870-1913)

Political developments (1870-1913)

The period from 1870 to 1897
The period from 1897 to 1903
The period from 1904 to 1908
The period from 1908 to 1912
The Second Balkan War (1913)

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Intense pressure
Drawing representing the pressure exercised by the Austro-Hungarian empire and Russia on the Sultan, 1903, I. Tsatsas archive.

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Intense pressure
I. Tsatsas archive, 1903

The fate of Macedonia posed a knotty problem in European foreign policy, particularly in the case of Austria-Hungary and Russia. The continuation of the Ottoman occupation in this region was directly linked with the preservation of the delicate balance in the Balkans that guaranteed European peace.

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