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Political developments (1870-1913)

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The Second Balkan War (1913)

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The New Greece
Colour lithograph depicting the New Greece [upon] the newly liberated lands, crowning the Greek armed forces, 1913, Athens, National Historical Museum.

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The New Greece
National Historical Museum, 1913

After 30 years of ambitious planning and fighting to control the fate of Macedonia, Bulgaria had every reason to be displeased with the outcome of the First Balkan War. The signing of an alliance between Greece and Serbia in May 1913 and the surprise Bulgarian attack against the new allies in mid-June resulted in the Second Balkan War.

Within one month, after a series of murderous battles in the Beles mountains and the valley of Strymon, the Bulgarian army was forced to concede eastern Macedonia to the Greeks and certain parts of the north to the Serbs. The Treaty of Bucharest (10 August 1913) set a definitive stamp on the new order of things in Macedonia and the Balkans.

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