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The Antigonids

The dynasty of the Antigonids
Antigonos Gonatas
Demetrios II and Antigonos Doson
Philip V and Perseus

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Bronze element of a bed
Bronze eagle from Pella, which adorned a wooden bed, mid-2nd century BC, Pella, Archaeological Museum.

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Macedonia did not remain unaffected by the political realignments and territorial claims of the time of the Successors. After repeated fluctuations of her boundaries, Macedonia entered a period of economy and population growth under the Antigonids, and thus maintained her military superiority over the more southern parts of Greece. The political aptitude of her rulers contributed to a resurgence of the Macedonian kingdom's eminence comparable to that enjoyed under Philip II. In the end, however, this growth was not sufficient to stem the expansion of the Romans in the Hellenistic East.

Bronze element of a bed
Pella, mid-2nd century BC

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