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Philip II

Securing the kingdom
Supremacy in northern Greece
Supremacy in the Haimos Peninsula
Plans for the East
The reorganization of Macedonia

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Grave stelae depicting a Thessalian horseman
Grave stele depicting a Thessalian horseman, from Pelinna, mid-4th century BC, Paris, Musee du Louvre.

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Grave stelae depicting a Thessalian horseman
Pelinna, mid-4th century BC

Philip II's involvement in the 3rd Sacred War -- on the occasion of an appeal for aid from his Thessalian allies -- established Macedonian hegemony over Thessaly. Philip was proclaimed 'archon' (president) for life of the Thessalian League, and secured control of the abundant resources and renowned cavalry of the region.

Meanwhile his successful campaign in Thrace compelled the Thracian kings Amadokos and Kersebleptes to acknowledge Macedonian suzerainty. Following the capture of the cities of the Chalkidian League and their assimilation into Macedonia in 348 BC, Philip had complete mastery over the whole of northern Greece.

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