Ljubco Georgievski

Born in 1966 in Stip. Graduate of the University of Skopje (Faculty of Arts).

One of the leading figures in the overthrow of the unity of the Yugoslav state, and one of the champions of the creation of the autonomous and independent state of FYROM.

Elected Vice President of FYROM at the age of just 25, he resigned eight months later in disgust at the manner and tardiness of the transition from a communist to a democratic regime.

President of the VMRO-DPMNE since is founding, he was invited to form a government after the recent general elections as victor in coalition with Vasil Toupourkovski.

Vasil Toupourkovski

Vasil Toupourkovski, who was born in 1951 of parents who were natives of the district of Kastoria in Greek Macedonia, is considered one of the most important theoreticians of "Macedonian" nationalism. In 1988 he was elected extraordinary professor at the University of Cyril and Methodius (Skopje).

That same year saw his debut on the political stage, with his election as a member of the Central Committee of the Union of Communists of "Macedonia", followed in 1989 by election as a member of the Collective Presidency of Yugoslavia.

In 1990 he ran against Kiro Gligorov in the first presidential elections held in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The following year he was sent by President Gligorov to the United States as a special envoy to seek American diplomatic recognition for FYROM. In March 1992 he was elected chairman of the Olympic Committee of FYROM.

He tried to remain aloof from the issue of defending the name "Republic of Macedonia" and, with an eye to his future career, remained in the wings of the political theatre. In March 1998 he founded the Democratic Alternative Party and formed a political alliance with Ljubco Georgievski, which resulted in the victory of the two parties in the recent general elections.

Dosta Dimovska

Dosta Dimovska was born in Skopje in 1954, and is a professor of philosophy. She was elected vice-president of the VMRO-DPMNE in 1991, and re-elected to the same post in 1995. In the general elections of 1991 she was elected to FYROM’s first Parliament.

Radmila Kiprijanova-Radovanovic

Born in Skopje in 1940, Radmila Kiprijanova-Radovanovic earned a doctoral degree from the Technical School of the University of Zagreb (Croatia). From 1994 to 1998 she was Rector of Skopje’s "Cyril and Methodius" University. She is a member of the secretariat of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Alternative Party.

Bedredin Ibrahimi

Born in 1952 in the village of Mala Recica in the district of Tetovo. Graduate of the University of Pristina Law School. Founder of the Popular Democratic Party and, after its amalgamation with the Albanian Party of Democratic Prosperity, elected general secretary of the new party. Secretary of the municipal council of Tetovo.

Pavle Trajanov

Born in 1952 in the village of Doldo Rades, in the district of Radovic. Graduate of the University of Skopje Law School. Joined the Police Force in 1972. Has served as deputy leader of the Public Security Service.

Nikola Kljusev

Born in 1927 in Stip. Graduate of the University of Belgrade School of Economics. Obtained a doctoral degree in 1964. Elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1988 Elected President of the Council of VMRO-DPMNE in 1997.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Born in 1937 in the village of Tsakoi, near Edessa, in Greek Macedonia. Graduate of the Faculty of Arts, University of Skopje. Post-graduate studies in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and doctorate from Zagreb (Croatia). Professor at of Skopje’s "Cyril and Methodius" University since 1967. Minister of Education in the first multi-party government.

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