Modern and Contemporary Macedonia

Edited by Ioannis Koliopoulos & Ioannis Hassiotis

Published by Papazisis publishers and Paratiritis Publishing House

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Contents of Volume I:

  • Front page, Foreword by the publishers and Table of Contents [pdf file]
  • Modern Macedonia by Ioannis S. Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • Landmarks and Principal Phases in the History of Macedonia under Ottoman Rule by Ioannis K. Hassiotis [pdf file]
  • Demographic Developments in Macedonia Under Ottoman Rule by Joannis D. Psaras [pdf file]
  • The Ottoman Conquest by Basil K. Gounaris [pdf file]
  • Economic Developments in Macedonia, 1430-1912 by Basil K. Gounaris [pdf file]
  • Communal Organization by Haralampos K. Papastathis [pdf file]
  • The Greek Orthodox Church in Macedonia Under Ottoman Rule by Andreas Nanakis [pdf file]
  • Greek schools in Macedonia under Ottoman Rule by Christos G. Patrinelis [pdf file]
  • The Monastic Community of Mount Athos by Athanasios Karathanasis [pdf file]
  • Post-Byzantine Painting in Macedonia by Nikos Nikonanos [pdf file]
  • Monastic Architecture by Ploutarchos Theocharidis [pdf file]
  • Ecclesiastical Architecture ofMt. Athos by Miltiadis D. Polyviou [pdf file]
  • Macedonian Ecclesiastical Architecture (Excluding Mt Athos) by Kalliopi Theocharidou [pdf file]
  • The houses of the Macedonian communities: 15th - 19th century by Nicolaos. C. Moutsopoulos [pdf file]
  • Vernacular Art in Macedonia by Efthymia Yeorgiadou-Kountoura [pdf file]
  • Aspects of traditional culture in Macedonia (19th and early 20th century) by Eleanora Skouteri-Didaskalou [pdf file]
  • Macedonian Emigrants in the Balkan Peninsula by Joannis Papadrianos [pdf file]
  • Anti-Turkish Movements in Macedonia before the 1821 Greek Revolution by Joannis K. Hassiotis [pdf file]
  • The Revolution of 1821 and Macedonia by Artemis Xanthopoulou - Kyriakou [pdf file]
  • Liberation Movements in Macedonia, 1830-1870 by Ioannis Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • Macedonia at the Epicentre of Rival Balkan Nationalisms (1870-1897) by Ioannis Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • The Macedonian Struggle 1903-1912. Paving the Way for the Liberation by Basil K. Gounaris [pdf file]


  • Front page and Table of Contents [pdf file]
  • Hellenic Macedonia Since Liberation: General Observations and Principal Phases by Joannis K. Hassiotis [pdf file]
  • The Incorporation of Macedonia into the Greek State by Haralampos Papastathis [pdf file]
  • Macedonia from the Balkan Wars to the Treaty of Lausanne (1912–1923) by Basil Kondis [pdf file]
  • Macedonia in the 1940s by Yiannis D. Stefanidis [pdf file]
  • Inter-War Macedonia by Yiannis D. Stefanidis [pdf file]
  • The Economic and Social Structure of Macedonia since Liberation by Theano Tsiovaridou [pdf file]
  • Intellectual and Artistic Life in Macedonia between 1850 and the Present Day by Tolis Kazantzis [pdf file]
  • Art in Contemporary Macedonia: An Introduction by Miltiadis Papanikolaou [pdf file]
  • The Macedonian Question from the Second World War to the Present Day by Evangelos Kofos [pdf file]
  • Recent Developments by Eirini T. Lagani: The Macedonian Question [pdf file]
  • Selection of sources for the modem and contemporary history of Macedonia [pdf file]
  • Selective Bibliography [pdf file]
  • Index of volume I and volume II [pdf file]

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